LAYMEN'S CLUB; 2017 All Saints Supper and Lecture
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Select Photos from our 2017
All Saints Memorial Service including a fellowship Lunch and Talk by Dean Daniel

On Saturday, October 28th, our club observed its annual All Saints' Memorial Service followed by a fellowship meal in Cathedral House and a lecture by Interim Dean Daniel.

We gathered for the Noon service in St. Martin's Chapel, to remember all the saints of God, past, present and future.

We made a special remembrance of those who have died in the past year, including members of The Laymen's Club and other good and faithful souls who have served our Cathedral. Photo above right shows our President Chris Johnson reading from the list of remembered souls. To download the devotional document in a .pdf version, click here

Then we adjourned to Cathedral House for a fellowship lunch followed by a talk, led by Interim Dean Daniel (see photo above left).

Bishop Daniel joined the Cathedral staff this past spring. Daniel most recently served as provisional bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. In his new position here at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, he is leading us through a transitional period as we search for a permanent new dean.

The event concluded with a private tour of the newly refurbished North Trancept, with Dean Daniel explaining his vision for this space.

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