LAYMEN'S CLUB; Photos from Cram Event
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Selected photos from the

Ralph Adams Cram 150th birthday celebration
October 25th, 2014

With a tour led by Senior Guides Tom Fedorek and John Simko,
followed by a lunch in Cathedral House and a lecture by Jay Pridmore

Ross Fraser, Treasurer, Chuck Roberts, Governor and Jillian Davis, our new Events Supervisor

Special Guest Ethan Anthony speaking with Senior Guide Tom Fedorek

Long time lay leaders at the Cathedral;
Michael Nixon and John Felbinger

Chris and Ruth welcoming guests Bill Douglas from
St. George's School and Susan and Carl Close
from Hammersmith Studios.

Lunch in Cathedral House

followed by an enlightening talk by Jay Pridmore.

an enraptured audience listens
as Jay makes a point

Ralph Adams Cram
on the cover of Time

Many opportunities for networking and fellowship

If anyone has any other photos of the event, including the tour portion,
please send them to Chris Johnson at