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How to Support The Cathedral
through the work of The Laymen's Club

History of Giving

For more than 100 years, The Laymen's Club has been a major vehicle for individuals, who by their time and treasure, give support to the Cathedral and its programs. We serve as guides, ushers, acolytes plus hold positions on various boards and committees. And we give money. We represent the longest standing grass roots support by The People for their Cathedral. Our membership has a profound desire to see this great institution continue to enrich the cultural life of this community, which it cannot do without contributors like you.

Why not just give to the Cathedral directly? Why give through The Laymen's Club?

The Cathedral has it's own Development Office and is, of course, a wonderful way to support the work of the Cathedral. You can reach them at (212) 316-7570 or email them at

However, The Laymen's Club offers individuals a way to become part of a fellowship of people who believe in the Cathedral and its future. As opposed to just donating financially, it offers direct participation with other lay people in the growth and preservation of this remarkable world treasure. Rather than being a spectator, it offers the hands-on opportunity to live out our values.

There are three ways to support the Cathedral
through The Laymen's Club

  1. JOIN US - become a part of our fellowship. Members include women and men from throughout the United States who come together in support of the Cathedral. Click here for our membership registration form.

  2. PLANNED GIVING AND LEGACY GIFTS - The Laymen's Club maintains a general fund, built up over the years through contributions from members and legacy gifts, which allows us to make regular contributions to capital projects on the Cathedral Close. Click here to learn about making legacy gifts or donations.

  3. DONATE ONLINE - You can contribute immediately to our Permanent Fund for the support of The Cathedral by clicking on the "donate" button below and making a donation by credit card.

Support the Cathedral through The Laymen's Club and it's 110 years of service

As a 501(c)(3) corporation, your contribution to The Laymen's Club is tax deductible. For income tax purposes, we will send you a receipt stating that you did not receive any goods or services in return for this contributions other than intangible benefits. You made these gifts out of your own generosity and commitment.
For questions about giving or membership, please contact the Chris Johnson, The Laymen's Club President

Who we are;

In addition to sponsoring capital improvement projects for the Cathedral, the Club sponsors lectures on subjects relating to the construction, mission, and the role of cathedrals throughout history, and provides opportunities for fellowship for its members.

Together, we are Cathedral builders!