LAYMEN'S CLUB; Guastavino Triple Play Tour
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Selected photos from the

Guastavino 'Triple Play' Tour
June 28th, 2014

With Senior Guide John Simko who took us on a three part tour of this legendary tile in our city

John Simko led our tour

We started at MCNY for an overview

President Elect Wayne Yankus looks on

Some of the 30 people

who came along for fun and learning.

Then to the Cathedral part of our tour,

where John explains how the great dome was constructed.

Chris looks worried about the schedule!

We learned that Guastavino also made the nave ceiling,

and the ambulatory ceiling.

Watch your step!

On the stairway to heaven.

View from the triforum level

One of the many balconies along the way.

Hang on!

We heard about Guastavino's work in the crypt,

followed by a crypt tour.

Then it was off to Holy Trinity,

where we learned more,

and had fun . . .

Our final "big picture' from the balcony.

Thanks John!


  • John Simko offers public and private tours throughout New York City and he can be reached at
  • Photos courtesy of Bruce Bush, Chris Johnson and Wayne Yankus.