LAYMEN'S CLUB: Survey Saturday
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Survey Saturday
March 3, 2018, 1-4 pm
in Cathedral House

Have your say!
. . . that we may do the work you give us to do
in truth and beauty and for the common good; . . .
(Collect excerpt from the Book of Common Prayer)

The Laymen's Club is beginning its initiative to revitalize itself, and we can't do it without you. Our hopes include:

  • More members
  • More involvement from the membership at large
  • To further define our relationship to the Cathedral
  • To discover and uncover new ways to support the Cathedral
  • New ideas for events
  • Wise ways to spend our funds
Your ideas will help us realize our hopes.

Survey Saturday is our way of gathering those ideas efficiently. You'll take a survey, either online or on paper. You'll have some wine and cheese, and coffee and tea and cookies. You'll engage in great conversation and fellowship. And you'll be entered in a raffle for 3 prizes from the Cathedral Shop!

This event is free. Join us.

It's your club. Help us make it work for you! Make your voice heard.

* If you cannot make this date, we will email you a link to take the survey online. However, we will not be distributing paper surveys other than at this event.

Thanks to all members and those who support our work at the Cathedral!

Floreat Cathedra!

For more than 100 years, The Laymen's Club has been a major vehicle for individuals, who by their time and treasure, give support to the Cathedral and its programs. We serve as guides, ushers, acolytes plus hold positions on various boards and committees. And we give money. We represent the longest standing grass roots support by The People for their Cathedral. Our membership has a profound desire to see this great institution continue to enrich the cultural life of this community, which it cannot do without contributors like you.

Together, we are Cathedral builders!

Founded in 1908, The Laymen's Club has a long history of financial support for the Cathedral, especially enhancing the procession of pilgrims through the Portal of Paradise. Each person who enters our Cathedral walks up steps we built (1930's) and restored (2016), passing under the Pilgrim's Frieze our club contributed (in 1965) as well as the Gable Cross (1964), through the Bronze Doors (repaired by the Club in 2014), continuing along our most famous project, the Pilgrim's Pavement (1934), past our recently contributed Railings to the Great Choir (2012) and finally over the Compass Rose, installed by Laymen's Club funds in 1992.

"Hallowed this dwelling, where the Lord abideth, This is none other than the gate of heaven;
Strangers and pilgrims, seeking homes eternal, Pass through its portals."
- Hymn 361