The Cathedral: Chronology

Original Plan

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Bishop Manning recruits Cathedral Trustee Franklin D. Roosevelt to launch a highly effective campaign to revitalize the building fund. Roosevelt mobilizes the sports and entertainment stars of the era in a series of benefits that raise millions of dollars. Construction begins on the west end of the nave. Building continues even after the Crash of 1929, providing employment for hundreds during the Great Depression.

Consecration of the Baptistry, designed by Ralph Adams Cram.

New York Times publisher Adoph Ochs acknowledges that Cathedral's efforts to improve Jewish-Christian relations by donating two twelve-foot high menorah to flank the High Altar. Milo Hudson Gates is named Dean.

A model of the completed Cathedral goes on display at Grand Central Terminal - an indication of the high level of popular interest in the great structure rising above the city.

Charles Connick installs the Rose Window at the west end of the nave.

Completion of nave vaulting.

A model of a slum tenement dwelling is exhibited in the nave to publicize the need for decent housing in New York.

New York World's Fair displays a model of the Cathedral to million of visitors.

First services conducted in the nave, which is still separated from the Cathedral's eastern half by a masonry wall. Edward Nason West joins the Cathedral clergy. Over the next half-century, Canon West's acute aesthetic sensibilities and profound knowledge of iconography and liturgics will shape the Cathedral as a living building and create an interior atmosphere as unique as it is dramatic.

James DeWolfe is named Dean.

The entire length of the Cathedral is consecrated on November 30. An eight-day series of celebratory services is cut short the following Sunday by the attack on Pearl Harbor. Construction ceases, not to resume in earnest for almost four decades.

Based on information from the Cathedral's Web Page