The Cathedral: Chronology

Original Plan

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The Abraham Fund convenes Arab and Jewish leaders at the Cathedral for discussions of peaceful coexistence. A free multicultural concert, Rainbow People of God, honors Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Dedication of the memorial to victims of the genocide in Bosnia- Herzegovina by Francis Krivicich. Keith Haring's triptych, The Life of Christ, is installed in St. Saviour's Chapel.

Bible Live, an evening of readings and music, celebrates the life and work of Hebrew Bible scholar Everett Fox. Artist-in-residence I Giullari di Piazza premieres Stabat Mater: Donna de Paradiso, a medieval passion play with music drawn from a wide variety of Mediterranean folk traditions.

Dean Morton retires after serving the Cathedral for 25 years. Catherine Roskam is consecrated as the first female bishop in the Diocese of New York. Al Pacino's Looking for Richard is released. The Cathedral's interior provides a dramatic setting for this workshop version of Shakespeare's Richard III.

Harry Pritchett is installed as Dean. Victims of the TWA Flight 800 disaster are memorialized with a permanent installation close by the Titanic memorial. Simon Verity completes the carving of the Portal of Paradise after ten years of work. 14,000 attend the Cathedral's memorial service for Princess Diana, held in Central Park. South African president Nelson Mandela speaks at a memorial service for anti-apartheid activist Archbishop Trevor Huddleston.

Mark Sisk is consecrated as 15th Bishop of New York, succeeding the retiring Bishop Grein.

Artist-in-residence Mettawee River Theater Company presents Psyche in the Cathedral gardens. Stonewall 30: A Sacred Celebration brings together thousands from New York's gay and lesbian community.

Molly Peacock is named poet-in-residence.

Hundreds spontaneously congregate at the Cathedral within hours of the terrorist attacks on September 11. Two months later, fire destroys the north transept and the gift shop within it.

James Kowalski is installed as Dean. A Time for Hope, a special exhibition of religious art treasures from Spain, attracts thousands.

Cathedral proposes to lease two vacant areas of the Close for development in order to alleviate a deepening financial crisis. Avalon Morningside Park apartment rental building is built on the South-East Corner, with a 99 year lease of the land. As of this writing, the North lot has not been leased.

Based on information from the Cathedral's Web Page