The Laymen's Club offers individuals a way to become part of a fellowship of people who believe in the Cathedral and its future. As opposed to just donating financially, it offers direct participation with other lay people in the growth and preservation of this remarkable world treasure. Rather than being a spectator, it offers the hands-on opportunity to live out our values.

JOIN US - become a part of our fellowship. Members include women and men from throughout the United States who come together in support of the Cathedral.

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RENEW CURRENT MEMBERSHIP - Your continued membership in The Laymen's Club gives us the energy we need to do our work in supporting the mission and programs of St. John the Divine. Your annual dues help to make our dreams a reality.

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Please be as generous as possible and help us make our second hundred years as strong as the first. Your contribution is vital to our work. We simply can't do it without you!

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Type of Membership

As a 501(c)(3) corporation, your contribution in excess of $40 to The Laymen's Club is tax deductible.